Fun flip is a really fun and cool little attraction and talking point for any event.  It’s an entertaining feature for weddings, corporate events, product launches, festivals and parties. The best part is that everyone who gets involved in the fun will take home a little memento of the event that they can take home, show others and keep forever as a reminder of a special or fun day.

Photo Booth Hire

In recent years some very clever people had an idea that takes a vintage concept and turn it into a modern day party centrepiece. Photo booths have been an iconic representation of fun in movies for years and hiring a photo booth for a wedding of corporate event has been a unique and trendy focal point in recent years. Equipped with props and random objects the photo booth craze has swept the UK. But we took things one-step further. Photo booth hire is awesome because you get to capture the moment and take it away with you to show friends and families. Funflip is even better because the only thing that can capture a moment better than a photograph is a video and that’s exactly what Funflip does.  It give you an analogue video that you can put in your pocket! With green screen technology we can add many other dimensions to your videos such as themes, backgrounds or anything creative that you can come up with. So if you have considered hiring a photo booth for your event why not go one step further and hire us to make the attraction even more special than you could have imagined. Funflip compared to a photo booth is like a chocolate fountain is to Cheese and pineapple on a cocktail stick.

  • "We thoroughly enjoyed having Funflip at the Fashion Pony Champagne and Shopping event. All of our guests absolutely loved it and had so much fun. Steve and the rest of the Funflip team are extremely professional, friendly and great to work with - a HUGE thank you to all, we can’t wait to have Funflip onboard at our next event".
    Nadia – Fashion Pony
  • "Having Funflip at our event really added an extra element. Once people started creating Funflip they didn’t want to stop, with some clients going home with 3 or 4 books that evening.  The following day in our office the fun continued with people still looking back at their Funflip books"!
    Emily – Endless LLP
  • "So pleased we booked  Funflip for our 'I Love City Dweller' party. Funflip really worked for our event and I was delighted with the professionalism of the team. The package was excellent value for money and it was a cool & fun addition to our party".  
    Paul – City Dweller Magazine
  • "A massive thank you to your team for yesterday's event. Funflip went down an absolute storm! The team were chocca block and managed to involve as many as our staff as possible. There were so many positive comments. I am sure we will want to hire this was flippin' great"!
    Nicola – First Direct
  • "In events we’re always searching for something engaging and different for our delegates - Funflip brings a whole new level of fun and creation - we’re hooked"!  
    Natalie – Zibrant Events
  • "We booked Funflip for our 3rd birthday party, and it completely transformed the event. The Funflip team were amazing, and the flipbooks are so much fun. We'll definitely have them back for our 4th birthday"!
    Howard Marks (aka Mr. Nice), Azucar Restaurant
  • "Funflip provided a great, unique and interactive party piece for our Marketing department’s night out. All our team loved it, and its use of backdrops and costumes gave entertainment, fun and a lot of laughs throughout the whole night. We will definitely be booking again next time".
    Lotty – ASDA
  • "These were fab thanks so much. Everyone loved it and they’re still talking about it now"!
    Sameena – Lovefilm
  • "The guys had a great time, and I have just had a look at your Facebook page and the videos look amazing. I will definitely recommend you for future events".
    Conrad – Sky Tv
  • "Thanks again for all your help with the event, it was a huge success and we will definitely be working with you again in the future".
    Francesca – Mulberry

Some other applications for a Funflip photo booth are…



Your special day needs to be as special as possible.  We look forward to working with you to add something very special to your day and to give your guests something to talk about long after the warranty on toaster your aunt gave you expires.  Give your guests the gift of happy memories and fun times with our stand out attraction.


I common thing to consider when planning a bit party is a small gift for each of your guests.  A Funflip flip book is the perfect gift and a really cool and fun feature of any party.  The whole experience is unique for each individual so you get to give everyone something that they will really enjoy and provide entertainment all at the same time.  Our professional team will take care of everything and make the whole experience one to remember forever.

Product Launches

Souvenirs are an essential part of any product launch.  Using green screen technology give us the power to add your brand, ideas and products to this unique, cool and fun memento.  We know that your customers will love their flipbooks and they will keep them long after other companies pens and mouse matts have been thrown in the bin.

Corporate Events

We have worked with some of the biggest names in the world of finance, retail, fashion, automotive and entertainment.  Corporate events are our forte and we have literally done it all.  We can promise a high level of professionalism while incorporating light hearted fun to keep your guest smiling long after they have gone home.


Special occasions require special attention.  Our team has every you need to bring your ideas to life and make your celebrations as special as can be.  Speak with our team and give us and idea about what your guests are interested in and we can supply the perfect props and theme for our high tech green screen.  Give your guests something to take away with them that the will love and keep forever.